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Nepal is a landlocked country that is surrounded by the Himalayas. It is the place and home of thousands of people that belong to different religious, traditional groups, that have created their own cultures and traditional foods. Nepali food possesses a unique style of taste. Nepali food is not only rich in its taste but also it reflects the wide range of culture and traditions of Nepali people.

As Nepal is surrounded by neighboring countries ( India, Tibet, China), Nepalese food is highly influenced. In Nepal mostly in Kathmandu, Newari food is very popular and the population of Newari people is also very high compare to other regions. In the mountain regions, Tibetan Thukpa and meat are eaten often as it is their specialties. As these food are eaten often in their daily life but also have great importance in their cultural festivals.

Top 5 Nepali food Items you must try !!

Nepal is full of historical places, nature, foods, and many more. If you are thinking to visit Nepal and you are a foodie then these are the top 5 food you must try in 2020 during Nepal visit.

1.  Sel roti

nepali food sel roti

Sel roti is a ring-shaped rice bread that is deep-fried and it is specially made in every area of Nepal. It is very light and sweet in taste. It is somehow similar to round donuts. It is mostly made during Dashain and Tihar.

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It is one of the most traditional Hindu festivals that is celebrated in Nepal and sel roti is one of the essential Nepali food that is eaten and prepared in most festivals like, Teej, Dashain and Tihar, weddings, parties, bratabanda, and many more. They are also used as a sacred food for the gods during puja and ritualistic occasions and distributed among friends, family as a Prashad. It also becomes an iconic symbol of Nepali culture and festivals due to its uniqueness.

Sel roti is also a Nepali traditional bread. They are usually thin and bigger in size. It’s mainly made up of rice flour, water, sugar, cooking oil (olive oil), salt, and ghee. They are often eaten as a snack or meal with some side dishes. For recipes Click Here.

2. Dal Bhat

The food that is available in every Nepali home kitchen. In Nepal, it is also called as Dal Bhat Tarkari. As it is eaten in lunch and dinner. Their looks are very simple but the taste is soul-filling. Dal Bhat is mainly rice that is served with lentil soup called dal, vegetable curry, or different kinds of meat curry alongside with some chutney, gundruk, ghee, curd, salad, papad, etc. This meal is loved by all the Nepali peoples and eaten in daily life. As it has different variations in different parts of the country, it gives you knowledge about the people and their cultures. In Nepali food, dal bhat is very important.


JUJU DHAU is also known as the king of curds, ‘king curd’ that is made in Nepal and made by Newars. It is a type of yogurt that is made with milk and it is very famous among the Newari people. Whenever people come to visit Bhaktapur, the first thing they talk about is JUJU DHAU.

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JUJU means “king” and DHAU stands for Yogurt. That’s why the juju that stands for King’s Yogurt. Yogurt has a very important part of Nepal culture. As they use yogurt for auspicious occasions, for parties, and for blessings as well. So if you are visiting Bhaktapur then you must try this. As you’ll find a lot of street-side vendors selling in it in Bhaktapur.

4. Tongba

Tongba also knows as “Tibetan Hot Beer”. it is a millet-based alcoholic beverage found in the eastern mountain regions of Nepal, Darjeeling, and Sikkim. It is the conventional and indigenous beverage of the Limbu individuals of eastern Nepal. The local beer is filled in a cast-like vessel and sips with the help of bamboo straws. it is very warm and with the help of warm water it can be stretched into several rounds and It is also a traditional drink in Nepal.

5. Yomari

It is a sweet and unique dish that is made by the Newar community in Nepal. It is usually made from rice dough and with some stuff in it. Yomari knows as Yamari is a festival food in Nepal that is made during the festival of Yomari Punhi. It Is usually is in winter day and is celebrated as thank giving to the god for the good harvest. This dish can also be found in a spicy version and in Kathmandu yomari is very famous.

Well here are the top 5 Nepali food to try. If any information in the blog is not written correctly then please write down in the comment box and I m sorry for any mistake.

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