Free Sel Roti Recipe And How It’s Made


Sel roti is a ring-shaped rice bread that is deep-fried and it is specially made in every area of Nepal. It is very light and sweet in taste. It is somehow similar to round donuts but their recipes are totally different.

sel roti recipe and how its made

It is mostly made during Dashain and Tihar. It is one of the most traditional Hindu festivals that is celebrated in Nepal and sel roti is one of the essential food that is eaten and prepared in most festivals like, Teej, Dashain and Tihar, weddings, parties, bratabanda, and many more. They are also used as a sacred food for the gods during puja and ritualistic occasions and distributed among friends, family as a Prashad. It also becomes an iconic symbol of Nepali culture and festivals due to its uniqueness.

Sel roti is also a Nepali traditional bread. They are usually thin and bigger in size. It’s mainly made up of rice flour, water, sugar, cooking oil (olive oil), and ghee. They are often eaten as a snack or meal with some side dishes.

Why do we love Sel roti?

Well, this isn’t a conventional recipe it has been passed on from age to age to the young lady offspring of every Nepali house or family. Also, the most additional customary thing about this recipe is that all the fixings are the same in each house however the taste is not the same as house to house or family or each time a recently young lady youngster is offered. another taste develops.


Pairs well with?

Well to tell you the truth, sel roti is delicious by itself but it can go well with yogurt, fried vegetables, some pickles, and hot beverages. Sel roti tastes better in fresh, becomes tougher, and chewy the longer it kept. As it is a long going bread and can be eaten over a week. Some of the people in Nepal like to eat with chiya (tea) as breakfast.

Sel roti recipe and how its made.

So before writing down the sel roti recipes, let’s make our ingredients ready.


Rice – 1 kg ( instant rice flour can be brought from the market)

Water – 1/2 liter (500ml)

Ghee – 1/2-2 cups

Sugar – 1 cup

Sunflower Oil – 700-750ml

How to make:

1. Make sure all ingredients are ready and good to go.

2. Before washing the rice, put them into nanglo and remove the dirt from the rice. Put the rice into a pot and add water until the surface of the rice is covered. Cover and let the rice soak for 3-4 hours or for the greater texture you can soak the rice overnight.

3. After the long wait drain the water nicely from the rice and pastel it until 70-80% is done. Not put them back in the big pot and mash it with the help of your hand for 5-6 minutes.

4. Now add the ghee (heat and melt it ) into the rice flour. Mix and mash it well until it absorbs the ghee.

5. To make the paste lets heat a cup of water and keep it aside.

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6. Now coming back to the flour, add sugar and mix it well.

7. While mixing it, add warm water and make a thick, fine, and greasy (know as lesilo).

8. Cover it and leave it at room temperature for 2 hours. So that the mixture can mix it well.

9. Keeping aside our paste, prepare a little stick to use while cooking the sel roti.

10. Put a pan and heat it at a high temperature. Add the oil in the pan enough to cover the bread. Most people in Nepal, they tend to use heavy metal or deep pan while cooking it. So that it can cook well.

11. So while our pan is heated, let’s stir our paste nicely by adding some warm water in it and make our paste thick, and smooth.

12. To check the oil is heated or not, add a small piece of paste in the stick. If it becomes brown after a few secs then it’s ready to go.

13. Now with the help of your hand, pour the paste in the form of the ring shape. Be careful not to put your hand too close to the oil or else it can burn your hand. Let it fry for 10-20 sec. With the help of a stick turn it upside down. Fry them until both sides are in light brown.

14. Drain the oil from the sel roti and place then on the plate.

15. Your roti is done and ready to serve.

Sel Roti Recipe is done. Hope you like it ^^.

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