Recipe For Masala Papad, It’s Price And How Its Made.

Masala Papad

The recipe for Masala papad (know as papadum) is very simple and easy to make. Less than 15 min, this recipe can be prepared at your home.

It’s spicy and crispy and it goes well on different occasions. So let’s dive in for making a recipe for masala papad.

It is known as an Indian snack and it is very famous in its sub-continent of Indian. Here in Nepal, it is also famous and eaten by all the people. The recipes are similar but in Nepal, most of the people try to make it in there own style.

Mostly in Nepal, masala papad is eaten in the local restaurant as a side dish with meals or as a snack or as a starter alongside with some cold beer. The cost of one plate is around 120-150 Nepalese rupees.

Whenever there are some parties or any dinner invites, it works like magic as starters and even you can make this and impress the guests. Due to its crispiness and spices, guests tend to love it.

So I m here to share my recipe with all of you and help you to impress your guest and family.


3-4 Papad (fried or roasted)

1 cup onion (fine chopped)

½ cup tomato (fine chopped)

1 tbsp cooking oil

2 tbsp Coriander

salt to taste

2 spoon dry peanuts

1 tbsp black pepper powder

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1 tbsp chicken masala or chat masala

Methods to make a recipe for masala papad.

Add oil in the pan and heat it on medium temperature.

Now put the papad in the oil and fry them and keep it aside on the tissue paper to soak out the remaining oil in it. It can even roast instead of frying.

Except for papad, mix the remaining ingredients (onion, tomato, cooking oil, coriander, salt, dry peanuts, black pepper, and chat masala/chicken masala) in a bowl together. We can even add some green pepper or red chilly powder to make the masala spicy.

After mixing them, check the salt for your taste. Now the masala is ready.

Lay the papad on the plate and top the papad with the masala. Finally, the recipe for masala papad is done.

Note: While making masala, don’t make the mixture too saggy, or else the papad will be soft and there won’t be any crispiness.

Recipe for masala papad photo

Which Papad is best to make a recipe for masala papad?

You can either use urad dal papad or a mixture of both urad and moong dal papads. As for me, I am using Suraj papad because it is very good in taste. But if you don’t have any of these then you can use any kind of papad for your masala.

Roast or Fry Papad?

Personally, for me, I like papad that is deep-fried in oil rather than roast. And talking about taste, its taste is also different than roast. Most of the people have their own taste so I preferred you can choose what you want or While making a recipe for masala papad Its better you make with fry papad.

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How can we make papad at home?

A papad is a thin, crisp, and round flatbread that can be fried or roasted. And basically it is served with meals. To make the Papad,

Step 1

Take a big mixing bowl and add black gram flour or wholemeal flour, salt, garlic-ginger paste, and chilly powder.

Step 2

Add water and kneed it into a smooth dough. Divide them into equal portion.

Step 3

Make them like the shape of pancake.

Step 4

Now take a big bottom pan that is filled with oil. Heat the pan in medium temperature.

Step 5

After the pan is heated, place the papad in the oil and let it fry until it becomes crispy. When it’s done take it out from the pan and move it to the tissue so that the remaining oil will be soaked properly.

So now our papad is ready to make the recipe for masala papad.

Thank you ^^

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