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nepali sweets

Nepal is a landlocked country that’s surrounded by the Himalayas. It’s the place and residential of thousands of peoples that belong to different religious, traditional groups that have created their own cultures and traditional foods. Nepali food possesses a unique kind of taste. Nepali food and Nepali sweets aren’t only rich in their taste but also reflect the wide selection of culture and traditions of Nepali people.

In Nepal, traditional Nepali sweets are usually called by Nepali people as ”mithai” or ”guleo khaanaa”. Most of the people in Nepal like to eat sweets at breakfast, with tea as a snack, and after dinner as desserts. The sweets are well made with good ingredients, like milk, fruits, vegetables, flour, grains, beans, nuts, and seeds.

A number of Nepali sweets are too sweets in order that they paired with plain foods like yogurt, poori, bread, swari, and fruits. The sweets are also made with green and black cardamom seeds, saffron, and other essences. They’re decorated with finely chopped cashews, almonds, coconut, pistachios, silver leaf, and therefore the other dry nuts. Nepali Sweets are usually purchased, but some are prepared reception employing a timeless old-fashioned method, especially for religious occasions.

Here is the list of Nepali Sweets…


One of the most popular Nepali sweets in Nepal. Gudpak is not only famous in Nepal but also in many parts of the world where tourists had taken it with them as a gift from their visit to Nepal. it’s not only tasty but is additionally very nutritious. it’s often eaten by the new mothers because it is taken into account to be beneficial for them.

People visiting Kathmandu confirm to require away some Gudpak with them once they return to their hometowns. it’s also one among the favored koseli (gifts) to be taken home to the youngsters and elders of the family. It is available within the Gudpak Bhandars in Kathmandu, this sweet is that the specialty of the valley and is never available anywhere else in Nepal. Here may be a simple recipe for creating this tasty and healthy sweet.

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it is a typical rice pudding that’s made by boiling milk, sugar, rice, although rice is usually substituted with bulgur, millet, sweet corn, tapioca, vermicelli, etc. it goes well with coconut, raisins, cardamom, saffron, cashews, almonds, or dry fruits and nuts. Most of the time, kheer is served as a meal or eaten as a dessert.

In Nepal, kheer is additionally used as prasad to devotees. The word kheer springs from the Sanskrit word for milk and Ksheer is additionally the archaic name for sweet rice pudding. Although there are many kinds of kheer the foremost common one is made with rice.


A delicious Nepali Sweets and dessert that is made with Vermicelli, which is cooked in thick milk and dry fruits. A quintessential festival recipe, ”sewai” or ”seviyaan” is formed in every household on the occasion of Eid. The foremost favorite Indian and Nepali desserts are made quickly and simply with just a couple of ingredients. An ideal dish to cook up for the festival or simply a few tasty desserts to possess after a meal.

Ingredients of Sewai Recipe: Sewai pan-fried with nuts, combined with cardamom within the milk with a pinch of saffron for an aromatic flavor. the right Nepali dessert is ready with just a couple of ingredients.

Besan ko Laddu

Laddus are sweets and round in shape. Usually, it’s made up of any sort of flour i.e chickpea, flour, wheat, semolina, or gram flour. do not forget to feature sugar, ghee, and cardamoms too. As laddu is completed, it’s decorated with silver foil and almond chips. The word ”laddu” springs from the Sanskrit word translated as ”ladduka” or ”lattika” meaning it’s a little ball. In Nepal, sweets are associated with religious offerings and used as a Prashad on occasions like Dashain, Tihar, Wedding, Bhai-Tikka, and lots more. Though there are different types of laddus, here are a number of them;

  • suji ko laddu
  • Boondi ko Laddu
  • Coconut ko Laddu
  • Semolina or rava Laddu
  • Till ko Laddu

DID You Know??

There is a Guinness book record of the most important laddu on 6th September 2016, weight about 29,465 kg i.e 64,959 lb which was achieved by PVVS MALLIKHARJUNA RAO (INDIA), in Tapeswaram, Andhra Pradesh India.

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It is a sweet dish that’s originated from the Indian subcontinent like Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India. Usually, peda is ready in thick and semi-soft pieces. And it is very popular in Nepal. The key ingredients that are needed to form peda are khoa, sugar, cardamom seeds, pistachio, nuts, and saffron.

As for the color, it varies from creamy white to caramel. The word peda means a sphere of any doughy substance i.e flour or khoa. Peda has different names like pedha, penda, and pera. Especially in Gujarat people often call pera.


Anarsa is like a rice cookie. it’s generally made during festivals. it’s offered as Prasad to God too. Anarshas are made mainly during Deepawali. Anarsha made from a mix in about equal proportion of rice flour and sugar, hence it’s sweet enough to call Mithai.

The sesame seeds on the highest add a special flavor thereto. The ingredient mixture of rice flour, sugar, and ground dry fruits is kept overnight to combine properly. Making of Anarsa is 2 days process.


Khajuri is the famous Nepali cookie that is made especially during the festival of Chhath Parva and even during Tihar. it’s mostly used for the holy offering and besides that, it’s one among the cookies that the majority of Nepalese favor. Although the method of creating Khajuri is that the length and might sound difficult, the result’s amazing and price the trouble.

The crispy deep-fried dessert snack is ready amorously using an assortment of ingredients like semolina, refined flour, granulated sugar, milk, and ghee, all put together to offer you an experience of sugar rush like never before. Spread the enjoyment of festivals and celebrations with Khajuri and mesmerize all of your loved ones with the burst of sweetness on their taste buds.

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Jalebi (Jerri)

nepali sweets jeri

In Nepal, Jeri is the foremost common Nepali sweets that are eaten once a day. People tend to know them by ”jalebi” or ”jilphi”. They’re deep-fried, crunchy-textured, pretzel-shaped yellow-orange loops dipped in saffron syrup. Jeri tastes best when it is made fresh. They’re crisp and thus the filling is succulent and aromatic. It tends to lose its crispiness as time goes on and thus the filling crystallizes, but they’re still delicious.

In India and Pakistan, they’re called “Jalebi” and share similar ingredients. There is no celebration that’s complete without these favorite Nepali Sweets. They’re super simple and easy to make – all you’d like is flour, sugar, and flavoring. The flour is made into a fermented sourdough batter. it’s then squeezed through the nozzle of a piping bag directly into the oil to form loops. The fried loops are dipped in warm cardamom-saffron-infused syrup and drained.


It is a rich milk cake that is very popular in India and Nepal (Nepali sweets). In most festivals and celebrations, it is used as the offering or Prashad. A floral aroma and grainy texture made from whole milk, sugar, cardamom, and saffron decorated with silver leaf and crushed pistachios, and dry fruits.

Gulmari Sweets

Gulmari is a Newari traditional Nepali Sweets that are very crunchy glazed in texture and its shape is sort of a thin noodle. it’s made with a mixture of rice flour, urad beans flour, drawn butter, and sugar. To form gulmari, the primary batter is formed into thin noodles, then it’s deep-fried and glazed.


Here are the top 10 Nepali sweets. Although there are still many to go out of those I choose some of them and try to give you the detailed information as I can collect it. If the information I gave has any miss information then plz feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.# For more Articles Click Here…


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