Nepali Bhakka Recipe

Today we have Bhakka Recipe, It is healthy and super easy to make. Best food for the vegetarians. We can get bhakka in different tastes like plain, normal, and sugar. It goes well with chutney or some homemade achar or even with curry.

bhakka recipe

If you happen to live near or around Morang, Jhapa, or anywhere in the eastern Terai of Nepal, in the morning when u are out on the road, you would see a woman who is in their middle age selling hot rice cakes at the side streets in leaf bowls (in Nepal we call it tapari) or in newspapers along-side with some chili sauce or home-made chutney or even noon- Khorasan as they get along well with the Bhakka.

Due to covid-19, most of them are likely to avoid the crowd. So today I want to share the Bhakka recipe with you all so that you guys can also make them at your home without any problems.

What is Bhakka?

The typical word that is used to call Bhakka in English is hot rice flour cake and in Nepal as you guys already know it’s Bhakka.

Bhakka is a steamed rice flour cake that is the traditional food for the tharu, tajpuria, and rajbanshi communities living in the eastern plains of Nepal.

This dish is mostly eaten as breakfast or as a snack along-side some homemade achar. Due to change in people’s taste and preference, it has lost its charms however in the last two years it has become extraordinarily famous in the eastern Terai and is currently crawling into Kathmanduites also. Most people love to eat Bhakka with crushed chili and salt.

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what is the process?

The cycle was basic and simple. They poured a modest bunch of rice flour into the red material giving it around the state of around two-inch in measurement and about an inch thick on sides (normally utilizing a little bowl).

At that point, they set it over the pot of steaming boiling water and left it for about several minutes, and the bhakka was prepared, much the same as that. The plain steamed rice flour had no taste by any means, although the taste is plain it goes well with the mixture of salt and pepper and helps to enhance its taste.

For valley people where can we get it?

As for the valley people, you can go to the Bhakka House Which is solely dedicated to Bhakka at Old Baneshwor. At Bhakka House, on top of noon khursani, you will discover three sorts of sauces, one sweet, one zesty, and one mellow tomato achaar, which you can combine with their bhakka.

You can likewise combine it with certain chaukuni, a somewhat hot yogurt-based serving of mixed greens local to Palpa that the proprietors of Bhakka House have shrewdly matched with bhakka for the blistering mid-year months. In the event that you actually need more alternatives, a few people in specific spots in the Terai additionally make the most of their bhakka with fish curry.

Can we make at HOmes?

Yes, we can, and today I want to share Bhakka recipes with you all. So let’s get our ingredients ready…

Ingredients For Bhakka Recipe

  • Rice Flour – 2 cups
  • Small Bowls – 3
  • Cheesecloth
  • Momo Maker
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Step 1: Take a bowl and add rice flour to it.

Step 2: Now we have to mix the rice flour. So we add water and mix them with our hands slowly.

Note: while adding water into the flour, don’t add too much to it or else it will be watery and hence we cant make it. One thing to keep in mind we are not making dough, we are just mixing them with water and making them rough.

Step 3: After we are done with the rice flour, now we have to cover them with plastic wrap or plate, and to get a good texture we leave them for 2 hours before making Bhakka.

Step 4: After 2 hours take out the plastic or plate from the bowl.

Step 5: Boil the water in the momo maker pot on a high flame. While water is boiling let’s make our bhakka ready.

Step 6:Put the mixed rice flour into the bowl. Don’t add too much into the bowl and now cover them with the cloth.

Step 7: While Placing them into the momo maker, put them upside down so that later while removing the bowl we don’t get injured.

Step 8: Put them into the Momo maker pot and cook them for 5 minutes.

Note: When u put them into the pot, remove the bowl slowly and cover them again with the same cloth nicely.

Step 9: After 5 minutes of cook, our bhakka is ready to serve. As for Achar Recipe click here

SO we have it our home made Bhakka recipe. Hope you guys like it.

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