Easy Latte Ko Sabji Recipe in 2020

Latte ko sabji recipe is one of the most common foods that is eaten by the people and I m one of them. It Is super easy to make and less time consuming too. This dish is mostly eaten with rice. So without any delay let’s head into its recipe…

latte ko sabji

Latte ko saag

Latte ko sabji (saag) has different names around the globe but out of the red spinach is the common English name that Is known to the peoples. As for the other name they are Amaranthus Dubius and Chinese spinach. Well as for the family background latte ko saag comes from the Amaranthaceae family. It is red in color and due to that it is a very interesting vegetable and adds a good amount of taste to the dish. Its leaves are generally round, thick, and rich green in shading yet has a splendid red-hued focal steam. It originates from tropical parts of America.

Every household in Nepal knows about this dish. In Nepal, latte ko saag can be found in every part of the Himalayas to Terai. It has many vitamins and mineral that is very important to our body to be fit and healthy. Most of the people are neglecting them as they can be found everywhere without planting but they don’t know the role that it plays to our health. As we know how important is green vegetables for our health.

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As for the diet people, this dish helps you to lose your body weight and giving u the vitamins and minerals to your body to fight from the diseases. Due to that it also used for medicinal purposes.

Nutrients Facts:

So what are the health benefits?

Well there are lots of health benefits, out of them I pick some of them, Here they are:

It helps in Digestion – you ask why?

To manage the defecation, red leaf spinach is a significant decent food item to be utilized in the everyday menu. This is exclusively a result of the significant levels of dietary fiber in them. Red Spinach likewise helps in forestalling obstruction by relaxing the stools and diminish agonizing heaps. It is instructed to eat the stalks of red spinach alongside the leaves for better outcomes.

Improve eyesight

Due to rich measures of nutrient C in red spinach, it helps in giving great vision and sort out all the issues identified with the vision. It likewise contains numerous supplements that can reinforce your optic nerves and improve your vision. Red spinach is likewise known to forestall age-related vision issues.

Loss weight

The protein content in red spinach helps in decreasing the insulin levels in your blood and due to that, it releases a number of hormones that help in the control of hunger pangs. For weight management, it is the most important thing.

Maintain Blood pressure:

It has high in potassium and low in calories. It additionally contains fewer sodium levels, making alluring for hypertension patients. Red spinach can help in controlling your pulse and lower the tension on your heart. Eating one part of Red spinach every day can advance sound prosperity.

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Prevents for Greying of hair:

Grey hair is a common problem even as young as 20 years. So with the presence of high iron, manganese, calcium, and other minerals, it helps to improve the melanin of your hair and prevents it from further greying. Even more, it strengthens your hair and protects it from hair damage.

Why Latte ko Saag color is red?

Spinach is one of the most alluring verdant vegetables with significant levels of beta-carotene (pro-vitamin A), lutein, folate, nutrient C, calcium, iron, phosphorus, and potassium. The red hade of USDA red originates from the phytonutrient beta cyanin instead of the more normal anthocyanin.

Let go for its recipe :

Ingredient For Latte ko Sabji

  • Latte Ko Saag – 1 Medium Bowl
  • Salt – As your taste
  • Dry Red Chilies – 2
  • Jeera (cumin) – 1/2 Tsp
  • Garlic – 1 Tbsp

Methods With Photos

Step 1 : Take a pan and heat the oil in medium heat.

Step 2: When the oil is heated, add garlic, dry red chilies, and cumin. Fry them until the color change into little brown.

Step 3: After that add saag into the pan. Mix them n cover the lid of the pan. Leave them for 2-3 minutes on medium heat.

Step 4: Now add the salt to the saag and mix them properly. Leave them for few sec and your latte ko saag is done.

Step 5: Here your healthy and delicious latte ko sabji is done.

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