Chicken Nugget Recipe

Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Nugget is a very common food that is eaten in fast food restaurants. Its very crispy on the outside and juicy inside. Just taking one bite will want to eat more. Not only the kids all young, old, small, big people want to taste it.

But when it comes to kids they just loved it. So don’t give your kids too much or they might fight with you to eat more. Better be careful moms ^^.

Chicken nugget Recipe

They are simple to make and made from ground meat, chicken meat, or chicken breasts that are coated with bread crumbs, then it’s baked or deep-fried in oil and for longer use, they can be frozen too.

As you notice there is the word ‘baked’ it means we can also make them by baking them in the micro oven. I have also tried it by baking, but due to its crispness I like to cook them in oil and it goes well with tomato sauce.

Why we love Chicken Nuggets?

First, it’s crispy, tender and juicy.

Second, It goes well at the parties and kids lunch.

Third, It is very easy and fun to make it.

All food has its own story to tell to the person whom they are making this dish for. As for me, I like this dish because of my mom.

Well, to tell the truth, I really don’t know what is chicken nuggets until my mom cooked for me for the very first time. I was shocked when I ate it for the first time.

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It was so good. From that point, I tried to make them, but as you know first try is always the worst try :D. So I gave it to my mom to eat and her reaction was not good :D. I think you have already guessed what her facial expression was? And after that, she taught me, helped me and finally I had made them to her liking. While we were making it we had lots of fun. That was the best time spending with my mom in the kitchen.

This was my story while making it. What’s yours? Write down your story or memory in the comment box :).

Ingredients of making chicken nuggets

1 or 2 cup bread crumb

500g boneless chicken breast or 2 chicken breasts (cut them into small pieces)

1 tablespoon ginger-garlic paste

1 tablespoon soya sauce

1/2 tablespoon white/black pepper powder

1/2 tablespoon paprika powder (Dhulo Khursani)

1 tablespoon salt

Vegetable oil or olive oil for frying (you can use any type of cooking oil if you don’t have these oil)

Ingredients for batter

2 large eggs

A pinch salt

1/2 tablespoon white/black pepper

1 tablespoon milk (any type of milk in case you don’t have milk, it’s totally fine you can skip)

How can we make BreadCrumbs?

Bread Crumbs are easy to make. You have to just follow these steps and you can make it in your own house organic and healthy :). I usually make these bread crumbs at home and I hope after this you can also make it.

Step 1: Toast your bread properly.

Step 2: Cut them small pieces so that they can grind properly in blender jar.

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Step 3: Check whether your bread crumb is ready or not (small as a grain of rice size)

Methods to make Chicken Nuggets

Step1: Put the bread slices or bread crumb in the blender jar.

Step2: Add all the ingredients (small pieces chicken breast, ginger-garlic paste, soya sauce, white/black pepper, paprika powder (Dhulo Khursani), and salt) in the blender jar and mix it properly.

Step3: After mixing them, you will see a kind of dough formed inside in the jar. (Not too much smooth on the dough)

Step4: Take the dough out of the jar. Before kneading the dough, put a touch of oil on the hand so that it won’t stick to your hand. Now knead the dough till it smooth and make it like a rectangular shape (shape is not necessary to make do it as you like).

Step5: Cut them in small pieces.

Step6: Mix them with batter and breadcrumbs properly.

Step7: Heat the oil in a large Dutch oven at medium temperature. Check the oil if it is heated or not by putting a piece of chicken into the oil, if it forms bubbles then it’s ready to put our chicken nuggets.

Step8: Cook until it’s covered with golden color in medium flame.

Step9: Take one piece out of the oven and check whether it’s cooked properly or not. If it’s cooked, then take them out and drained remaining oil with the help of tissue.

Step10: Serve them with the tomato ketchup or with some curds.

Here you have it your own homemade special chicken nugget recipes. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us in the comment section below.

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