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Home Made Bhakka-min (2)

Nepali Bhakka Recipe

Today we have Bhakka Recipe, It is healthy and super easy to make. Best food for the vegetarians. We can get bhakka in different tastes like plain, normal, and sugar.…

Nepali Gundruk | Sadeko Recipe

In Nepal, Gundruk is one of the most popular and national dishes that is made with fermented leafy green vegetables. Well as for the popularity not only in Nepal but…
Latte Ko Saag-min (1)-min

Easy Latte Ko Sabji Recipe in 2020

Latte ko sabji recipe is one of the most common foods that is eaten by the people and I m one of them. It Is super easy to make and…

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Suji ko momo

In Nepal, momos are the most popular food that is available in restaurants, homes, and street shops as street food. Suji ko momo is very good for our body too.…
Spong Gourd Curry Recipe!-min

Healthy Sponge Gourd Curry Recipe in 2020

Sponge gourd curry recipe, delicious good healthy easy to make and easy to eat and less time-consuming. In Nepal, curries are also known as tarkari is an important dish for…
Chana Masala Curry (1)-min

Quick Chana Masala Curry

Chana masala curry – Chana masala curry is a delicious Indian curry that is made from chickpeas with masala gravy. It is the most important part of the curry. Without…

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bengali fish curry-min-min

Quick Bengali Fish Curry In 2020

In the Bengali family, Bengali fish or mustard fish curry is a regular dish that is made with a hot stew or sauce that is presented with rice. Just thinking…