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Organic Miso Soup with Spices

A traditional recipe that will help you make the perfect Miso Soup.

Top 10 Nepali Sweets

Top 10 Nepali Sweets

Nepal is a landlocked country that’s surrounded by the Himalayas. It’s the place and residential of thousands of peoples that belong to different religious, traditional groups that have created their…

Suji ko momo

In Nepal, momos are the most popular food that is available in restaurants, homes, and street shops as street food. Suji ko momo is very good for our body too.…
Spong Gourd Curry Recipe!-min

Healthy Sponge Gourd Curry Recipe in 2020

Sponge gourd curry recipe, delicious good healthy easy to make and easy to eat and less time-consuming. In Nepal, curries are also known as tarkari is an important dish for…

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