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About Us

About Me

My name is Avinash Thapa. I am a student, cook, and photographer behind this blog who lives in Kathmandu, Nepal. My big inspiration to learn about cooking food is from my mother. She has always been the person I admire the most. After learning and collecting data from a different source, In 2020 I started this blog to share my recipes that are healthy and easy to make and eat.

My BackGround

I belong to a middle-class Asian-family and I love my family a lot. As a lot of people knows that there are some rules you need to follow in every Asian family. But I was against that kind of rules and I follow my own dream.

Thankfully I realized this dream before it was too late. I was a good student in school and college and cooking was not my kind of thing at that time. But one day when I was having dinner with guests, I saw everyone was smiling and giving compliments and praise to my mom saying “dish was superb, it’s so delicious and other kinds of stuff. At that time without realizing it I also felt very happy and proud at that moment and from that point of time, I make a promise to myself that one day I will make my mom proud and bring that kind of smile from my food.

Now I can’t stop thinking about cooking different kinds of recipes for my family and food photography.